Two 50% SD biga 100% wholegrain wheat loaves

Following on from some posts on the Huge(a) controversy thread, listed below are a pair more moderen wholegrain wheat loaves I baked with a 50% ‘shaggy’ SD biga.

The primary was a quite simple management bake with nothing else aside from 100% UK wholemeal wheat bread flour.

100% ww biga

50% (200g) of the flour was used within the biga which was made with 90g water and 10g 100% hydration SD starter. The biga was left to ferment at room temperature for 24h after which blended in with the remaining 200g of flour and 4g salt, with additional water added to convey the ultimate dough combine to 75% hydration.

The majority ferment was, once more, very accelerated in comparison with once I used to make use of a liquid SD levain, and for that reason, the BF once more run away from me slightly and I did not have sufficient time to do the variety of S&Fs and laminations I used to be desiring to do.

For 100% wholegrain wheat, it was a really good loaf, OK crumb and fairly moist, however slightly on the crumbly facet after a day or so from the bake. 

Details for enchancment in my thoughts had been to develop the gluten extra with extra laminations and to form and bake earlier.

The second, I made a decision to extend hydration to round 80-85% and add some mashed potato for extra softness and moisture.

Carob WW Biga

I additionally had some carob flour (its extra like cocoa powder really) which I although may go nicely with the wholegrain wheat style and make the bread good and darkish too, so added about 10g into the ultimate dough flour. The biga was made in precisely the identical approach as the primary loaf. The ultimate dough had 170g wholegrain wheat bread flour, 10g carob flour, and 100g potato (assumed to offer 80g of water to the loaf), so water added to convey the ultimate hydration to 80%. When mixing, the ultimate dough was very dry so added some extra water, taking it to round 85% hydration ultimately.

The ultimate loaf was comfortable and moist, with very good style, however once more, resulting from exterior elements, was not in a position to do as many S&Fs and laminations as I’d have prefer to.

Ultimate reflections on the second loaf are that the feel may be very good and extra clean and fewer crumbly than the first loaf, the style of the carob is definitely very good, and there’s extra sourness than within the 1st bake. I believe the carob style can be complemented nicely by some sunflower seeds, so will probably be attempting so as to add a few of these to the following such loaf I make. 

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