Sourdough Bread baked the identical day as blended versus baked after in a single day chilly retardation.

David Snyder

February, 2024

Final week I baked my Italian Sourdough bread for the primary time with out in a single day retardation. It was scrumptious. This made me surprise about a few of my different breads that I at all times have chilly retarded on the speculation that this developed higher, extra advanced taste. So, this week, I made my favourite multigrain sourdough and baked one loaf the identical day because it was blended and bulk retarded and baked one other loaf from the identical batch of dough after an in a single day retardation.

 Each loaves had been proofed for 50 minutes at room temperature. One was then baked after one other 45 minutes of proofing. The opposite was refrigerated for about 18 hours, then warmed at room temperature for an hour earlier than baking. Each loaves had been baked in Lodge Combo Cooker forged iron Dutch ovens for half-hour lined at 475ºF. The loaf baked the with out retardation was baked one other quarter-hour uncovered at 460ºF. The retarded loaf which was a bit greater was baked for 20 minutes extra uncovered at 460ºF.

Loaf baked the identical day as blended

The crumb

Loaf chilly retarded for 18 hours

The crumb

 The unretarded loaf had a barely sweeter taste and was a bit much less bitter. It had a considerably extra open crumb. That is onerous to elucidate. It was on the border of over-proofed earlier than baking. Possibly that explains it. The retarded loaf was a bit extra bitter, and the entire wheat taste appeared extra ahead. Each had been scrumptious.

The underside line for me is that both methodology could possibly be adopted in response to my comfort. Each produced scrumptious breads that differed from one another in minor methods solely.

I might love to listen to about different bakers’ expertise with this.


 P.S. For many who like very open crumbs, here is a slice of the loaf baked with out retardation:






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