Brown Butter Hack #brownbutterconcentrate

Did you overlook to brown the butter for that recipe you may have made usually sufficient that you simply solely regarded on the components and completely forgot about that step of the tactic?  And now you may have an entire bowl of creamed butter and sugars that’s missing that scrumptious brown butter taste?  It CAN be fastened with out beginning over or discovering a special recipe to make use of your combination.

Did I determine this out the exhausting means?  Um… Do not ask.

However hey, this implies you possibly can add incredible brown butter taste to different established recipes with out altering the fundamental creaming methodology too!  And even add scrumptious brown butter taste to any recipe with out having to change the recipe components.

So what’s it that makes brown butter?  What’s it that makes it so deliciously fragrant?  It’s the milk protein solids that get toasted and caramelized as much as a nutty brown when cooking the butter lengthy sufficient over low-medium warmth.  Truly I had learn someplace you could amp up common brown butter by merely including extra milk solids to the butter through the course of.  Effectively, that is including dry milk.  So I believed it stands to purpose that the identical precept might repair my, uh, forgotten browning step.  And certainly it did!  (Now granted, there’s a slight potential texture variation in cookies made with creamed butter vs browned or melted butter, however taste is our concern right here.)

Truly, that is fairly superior, there are such a lot of methods you would use what’s mainly a concentrated brown butter sprinkle!  I completely want to think about extra.  Eat your coronary heart out Emeril Lagasse, BAM!  Taste!

Brown Butter Focus
makes equal taste from one stick (½ cup) butter

~1 rounded tbsp nonfat dry milk
~½ tsp butter, sufficient to make a crumbly paste with the dry milk

With a spoon or mushy spatula, mix the dry milk and simply sufficient butter in a pan to make a crumbly combination.  This merely makes the browning simpler to handle and assess.  Prepare dinner and stir over low-medium warmth till the milk turns a golden brown.  

 Decrease the warmth when the milk begins to show golden and watch carefully to complete.  Take away from pan to a dish when the specified shade is achieved to cease the browning course of.  The milk solids ought to be a deeply golden brown, however not too darkish and the scent would be the acquainted, nutty, browned butter scent.

Browned butter focus will be saved in hermetic containers within the fridge for as much as two weeks, and may final for as much as three months within the freezer. 

Now go forth and blend and sprinkle it on every little thing!  Oatmeal, toast, salads, muffins, streusels, breading, ooooo, the chances!

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