I proceed to tweak my bakes even when the formulation largely stays the identical.  Within the case of my SD baguettes, I’ve progressively (very slowly since I don’t bake baguettes all that usually) been engaged on the concept that with larger gluten improvement I can permit extra fermentation.  Once we did the baguette group bake ages in the past we got here to the conclusion that much less gluten improvement and fewer total fermentation gave us an excellent baguette with open crumb and good ears/grigne.  The truth is, again then I consider it could attempt to get the baguettes baked as soon as the general rise from the time the levain was added to baking was solely 30%.  Now I’ve been inching up the general rise at time of bake.  I now extra absolutely develop the gluten and for this bake focused 60% rise within the dough.  This occurred to correspond to a pH drop of 1.05.  Primarily based on the nice ears/grigne that this bake achieved I believe I might nonetheless push additional.

I additionally lastly trimmed the surplus metallic off the razor blade I exploit to attain.  I can’t consider I hadn’t executed this earlier than.  This tremendously reduces the drag by means of the dough as you rating supplying you with a lot cleaner scores.  Ought to have executed this ages in the past however higher late than by no means.

In a single day Levain construct ferment 75°F 10-12 hours

78°F 9 hours to peak


Within the morning, to your mixing bowl add  water and diastatic malt  to dissolve, then add levain.  Use your spatula to chop the levain into small items.  Subsequent add AP flour and blend to mix.  Permit to fermentolyse for 10 minutes.  Slap and fold x 100 then add salt and maintain again water progressively working in till absolutely absorbed by massaging after which Rubaud kneading the dough, then slap and fold x 200.  May also use your stand mixer.


Bulk Fermentation 82*F till aliquot jar exhibits 20% rise.

Do folds each 20 minutes doing 3 folds

May do chilly retard at this level for as much as in a single day. (Aliquot jar 20% rise)


Divide and pre-shape relaxation for 15 minutes

Form en couche with ultimate proof till aliquot jar exhibits 60% rise then (optionally available) chilly retard formed baguettes en couche for at the least quarter-hour for simpler scoring.  I usually do that for comfort because the oven is pre-heating.


Pre-heat oven 500*F after 30 minutes add Silvia towel in pan with boiling water.

Switch baguettes from couche to peel on parchment

Rating every baguette and switch to oven, bake on metal.

Bake with steam pouring 1 cup of boiling water to forged iron skillet dropping temperature to 480*F. 

The baguettes are baked with steam for 13 minutes.  The steam tools is eliminated venting the oven of steam.  Switch the baguettes from the baking metal to subsequent rack finishing baking instantly on a rack to reduce the browning and thickening of the underside crust.  The oven is dropped to 450ºF however convection is turned on and the baguettes bake for 10 minutes rotating them midway.  The baguettes are rotated once more if wanted and baked for an additional 3 minutes to realize a wealthy color crust.

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