requested me to identfy 5 —and solely 5— high notch books on whiskey and whisky.

It was not a simple job. Many splendid books have been written on whiskey and whisky. And audiences differ—a guide that’s good for an erudite malthead may be a bore to a novice. On this istance, I operated underneath the belief that readers of doubtless have been new to spirits, and due to this fact wanted books that launched them to the varied forms of whiskey: Bourbon, Irish, Rye, Scotch, and many others. I additionally wished these readers to see books of difering codecs, from the encyclopedia-type to the tasting information to the historic and essayistic.

Ultimately, I picked books by Clay Risen, Dave Broom, Sean Muldoon, Andrew Jefford, and Davin de Kergommeaux… See


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