Consuming alcoholic drinks is all the time a enjoyable factor to do, however solely when sparsely. There are various alcoholic drinks obtainable, they usually all have completely different kicks that contribute to their uniqueness. Gin is an ideal instance of this, which is made with juniper berries as its major ingredient. Amongst its many variants, Mediterranean Gin is especially well-known.

Mediterranean Gin is a variant made utilizing the Mediterranean botanicals, that are botanicals native to the Mediterranean area and are particular to gin. 

Extra about Mediterranean Gin

Mediterranean Gin is made utilizing a mix of Mediterranean botanicals and herbs. These botanicals are distinct from these generally used for conventional gins. The Mediterranean area has a number of distinctive botanicals, giving this gin its distinctive flavour.

Traits of Mediterranean Gin

Mediterranean Gin is a milder gin variant as a result of it’s not made utilizing the English gin botanicals akin to angelica, cinnamon, cardamom, and coriander. Its lighter color and milder flavour make it a superb choice for a summer time drink as a result of you possibly can combine it simply with juice.

The Mediterranean area is one for leisure, sunshine, and seashores, reflecting within the gin. The fragrant spice used on this gin is exclusive, and when blended with a specific gin, it subtly enhances the style, making it an ideal alternative for the cocktail or straight-up.

What Is Mediterranean Gin Used For?

Mediterranean Gin is used for the next cocktails:

Pink Gin

Pink Gin is a gin cocktail with lemon juice that may be a favorite amongst Brits. It is simple to make at dwelling and is refreshing to drink in the course of the sizzling days of summer time. The juice of the lemon enhances the citrusy character of the gin, and the mint leaves add a refreshing flavour to it.

Outdated Tom Gin

Outdated Tom Gin has a powerful juniper flavour with a light-weight floral aftertaste. It is historically made utilizing Martin Miller’s Gin, which has a stronger trace of the juniper flavour, which is its declare to fame.

The Martinez

The Martinez is a refreshing cocktail that makes use of vermouth. If you do not have vermouth, you need to use white wine as an alternative. It is a fantastic drink to take pleasure in in the course of the summer time, and the Mediterranean gin could be substituted with the standard gin.

Apart from these cocktails, Mediterranean Gin is used to create a wide range of drinks akin to a Gimlet, Gimlet Pink, and the Dry Martini.

The Mediterranean Tonic

The Mediterranean Tonic might not sound like a cocktail, but it surely’s a gorgeous drink that may be made utilizing Mediterranean gin and tonic water. It is a fantastic drink if you find yourself within the temper for a drink however do not need to create a cocktail. The Mediterranean gin has a candy style, and the tonic water has a bitter style, so mixing the 2 provides you a refreshing drink that stimulates the urge for food.

The Mediterranean Gin and Tonic

The Mediterranean Gin and Tonic is the extra refined model of the Mediterranean Tonic. It is the identical with the Mediterranean Gin and the tonic water, however you may as well add a twist by including slices of citrus fruits.

Making the Good Mediterranean Gin Drink

Whereas making Mediterranean Gin, it is best to hold a couple of issues in thoughts. For one, it is best to use high-quality tonic water as a result of the style of the tonic water could be overpowering and spoil the style of the Mediterranean Gin. Additionally, do not forget that the Mediterranean Gin is extra delicate than the English gin, so you might have to make use of much less gin than you’d usually use.

Moreover, it is best to combine the Mediterranean Gin with the tonic water in a ratio of three:2, respectively. When you make a drink with Mediterranean Gin and Tonic Water, then it is best to combine them in a ratio of 1:1.


Mediterranean Gin is a gin variant made utilizing distinctive Mediterranean botanicals. It has a really distinctive style, and it is glorious for all gin lovers or in any other case. Mediterranean Gin is one to think about if you happen to’re on the lookout for a drink to make a cocktail.

Try our very personal Mediterranean Gin, made with recent rosemary, thyme and basil.

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