Full disclosure: I am a comparatively new egg convert. The one eggs I like are fried. I received’t contact a scramble, I do not take pleasure in frittatas, and I’ve solely often been enticed by poached or jammy soft-boiled eggs. Eating out, I’ve solely had the right fried egg a handful of occasions: whites with crispy, golden brown edges and a runny yolk nestled within the middle. I take into account myself fortunate if I order an egg sunny-side up and it truly arrives on the desk with absolutely set whites. And if the professionals are struggling to do it, nicely…perhaps it’s the tactic that’s the issue. 

Earlier than you come at me, I’ve tried Kenji’s recipe for crispy fried eggs and have gotten nice outcomes. Nonetheless, his technique requires the whites and yolk to prepare dinner collectively, and in the event you aren’t cautious, the egg is over earlier than you understand it. And once I noticed a viral-ish hack circulating not too long ago that claimed a foolproof technique of attaining these crisp, bronzed edges was cooking the whites first? I knew I needed to strive it.

Severe Eats / Kelli Solomon

What You Want For the Crispiest Eggs

  • Eggs: You most likely don’t want our egg style check to let you know this, however contemporary is finest. As eggs age, they grow to be thinner in texture. For those who fry an egg and spot the egg whites are spreading greater than traditional, the egg might be outdated. You don’t must journey to the closest farm in your eggs, but when that carton has been sitting behind your fridge for some time, it’s most likely time to get some new ones. 
  • Oil: A impartial oil that may face up to excessive warmth cooking (Kenji recommends olive oil). Opposite to in style perception, utilizing olive oil throughout excessive warmth cooking isn’t as dangerous as everybody thinks it’s. I exploit Graza’s Sizzle EVOO, which supplies the eggs a barely peppery, grassy taste. 
  • A frying pan: Forged iron or carbon metal are the most effective choices right here. Each are glorious at retaining warmth, and when correctly seasoned, they’ve a protecting, nonstick coating, making them an excellent selection for eggs, pancakes, and the like. If I am solely cooking one egg, I like utilizing my 6-inch forged iron skillet as a result of it is completely egg-sized. The small diameter permits the eggs to succeed in the sides of the pan, guaranteeing crackly edges and a round form. In a pinch, nonstick will work, however the edges received’t crisp up as shortly.
  • Basting spoon: You could possibly use any giant spoon you might have available, however I like going for one thing extra sizable: a stainless steel plating spoon I’ve had since culinary college. It’s greater than a soup spoon however smaller than a serving spoon, making it the best measurement—and your finest pal—for basting. 
  • A spatula or slotted spoon: We’re utilizing quite a lot of oil right here, and it’s finest to make use of a heat-proof spatula or slotted spoon to assist any extra drip off while you take away the eggs.

Severe Eats / Kelli Solomon

…How You Obtain the Crispiest Eggs

I am so glad you requested!

  1. Crack an egg and separate the whites from the yolk into ramekins and set it apart. There’s actually no mess-free method to go about it, however listed here are two strategies I’d advocate: You could possibly crack the egg right into a bowl and use clear, dry arms to softly choose up and switch the yolk to a different bowl. Alternatively, you may crack an egg, let the whites drip right into a bowl beneath whereas transferring the yolk forwards and backwards till all of the whites have fallen beneath. Warmth your pan over medium-high warmth. Coat the underside of the pan with about 2 to three tablespoons of oil and warmth till shimmering and nearly smoking. 
  2. Add your egg whites. Tilt the pan in the direction of you as soon as the eggs begin to set, letting the oil pool, and use your spoon to baste till the sides of the egg whites start to bubble and crisp. Proceed till you attain your required crispness. 
  3. Place the egg yolk in the course of your whites and baste across the yolk for a couple of extra seconds to make sure you’re cooking any whites which may be connected. 
  4. Utilizing a spatula or slotted spoon, gently raise out your superbly fried egg, letting the surplus oil drain off, and season to style—I am all for the flaky sea salt right here!

That’s all there may be to it! When you strive it, you might really feel daring sufficient to host brunch this weekend—even for self-proclaimed egg haters.

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