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Mulholland Distilling Assortment | Drink Me Journal


Mulholland Distillery of Los Angeles was established due to a powerful friendship bond between Hollywood cameraman Matthew Alper and long-time character actor Walton Goggins. These buddies got here collectively to create a group which features a double gold award successful gin, an award successful American whiskey, and a silver medal vodka.


The double gold award successful gin options essence of Fir Pine and Juniper, with added notes of French lavender, Persian Lime, and Japanese Cucumber. Mulholland Distillery’s 100 Proof Whiskey envelops a mash invoice of corn, rye and malted barley excellent for cocktails. The ending spirit of this assortment is a 100%  gluten-free corn vodka. This medal successful vodka is filtered with a double charcoal technique and is 86 proof. All merchandise on this assortment can be found on the Mulholland Distillery web site and vary from $23.99- $36.99 in value.

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