Grissini are crispy breadsticks from the Piedmont area of Italy. They had been supposedly invented within the 1600s by a baker in Turin for a duke who believed he may digest crunchy bread higher than mushy bread. Fortuitously, this resulted in scrumptious breadsticks we will take pleasure in right now. Grissini are historically skinny and vary from a pencil’s size to a number of ft lengthy, and in latest many years, they’ve featured toppings like seeds, herbs, and cheese.

Most grissini recipes use bread flour within the dough, and semolina flour for shaping. The dough recipe we developed combines Tipo 00 sturdy flour, which is actually a really nice bread flour, and durum entire grain flour. Durum is the wheat that semolina flour is made out of, and we like the thought of utilizing this flavorful golden flour within the combine. That stated, please use any flours which are handy to you, however plan for gluten power that can help you maneuver skinny strips of dough. Additionally, goal for a hydration-feel that could be a little wetter than pizza dough. See the picture gallery under for the goal texture and dough growth throughout the first rise. This recipe can be transformed to sourdough leavening. Directions for changing the recipe to sourdough leavening are on this FAQ.

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