Melon Pan


Bread dough

150g Blue Jacket bread flour

20g effective sugar

2g instantaneous yeast

1/4 tsp salt

90g water

15g unsalted butter

Pink yeast cookie dough

40g unsalted butter

40g icing sugar

25g egg

5g purple yeast powder

80g Blue Jacket plain flour

Matcha cookie dough

15g unsalted butter

15g icing sugar

5g egg

3g matcha powder

25g Blue Jacket plain flour


1. Bread dough: Direct technique. Proof 1hr

2. Pink yeast cookie dough: whick butter
& sugar collectively until mild in color. Whisk in egg until mixed. Sift in purple
yeast powder & flour until a smooth dough is fashioned. Repeat for matcha cookie dough
& put in freezer for later use

3. Degas the bread dough & divide
into 6 parts. Around the dough & relaxation for 10mins

4. Divide purple yeast & matcha
cookie dough into 6 parts. Around the bread dough. Roll out the purple yeast
cookie dough & wrap the bread dough inside. Dip in sugar & use a dough scraper
to attain crisscross sample. Proof for 25mins

5. Bake in a preheated oven @ 180C for
10mins, then 160C for 5mins


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