Right here’s a recipe for whenever you’re feeling playful or need a visually hanging slice of bread. It includes mixing two doughs, certainly one of which is hydrated with butterfly pea flower tea to create a vivid, blue-violet crumb. Folding collectively the white and violet doughs is enjoyable, and chopping into the ultimate loaf to see how they ended up swirling collectively much more so. (For an additional vibrantly coloured dough bread, try this Beetroot Sourdough Bread.)

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The crust of this bread has the same old brown Maillard response.

Butterfly pea flowers are initially from Southeast Asia the place they’re generally used to make a blue tea. While you steep the flowers in boiling water, the water turns a pure indigo, after which any drop in pH (lemon juice in tea, sourdough in dough) shifts the colour towards violet. The aroma of dried butterly pea flowers jogs my memory of Candy Tarts sweet and the flavour is a bit lemony. That barely brighter taste truly comes by way of within the violet components of the ultimate bread.

Listed here are pictures of the fermentation and shaping of a double batch however the recipe beneath is for one loaf. My favourite a part of making this bread, aside from slicing and consuming it, was seeing how the outer layer of white dough bought thinner and thinner because it stretched for the pre-shape by way of to the top of the ultimate proof. It ended up being only a semi-transparent membrane over a violet layer by baking time.

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