Why It Works

  • Eradicating the cooked onion and tomato chunks whereas simmering the remaining substances preserves their texture and provides physique to the curry.
  • Blooming the cumin in scorching oil toasts the spice, deepening and creating its taste whereas drawing its many fat-soluble taste molecules out.

You could find totally different taste variations of tomato curry from every nook of India and lots of factors in between. This simple model takes little or no time to prepare dinner and is a good way to make use of contemporary tomatoes once they’re in season. My recipe takes inspiration from the Andhra tomato curry. This model options chunks of onion and tomato cooked simply till tender in a beneficiant quantity of oil, flavoring the curry and giving it physique and texture, whereas cumin and mustard seeds present crunch in addition to taste. From this place to begin there are a lot of variations within the Andhra tomato curry in itself. Each family has their very own approach of constructing it. There isn’t a one “proper approach” to make this tomato curry. Completely different variations may use asafoetida or curry leaves, ginger or garlic. Some don’t use onions in any respect and a few may also add potatoes to it, however all of those are simply other ways of constructing this tomato-based curry.

Severe Eats / Kanika and Jatin Sharma

At its coronary heart, this curry incorporates a flavorful tomato-based sauce that is cooked down till thick sufficient to behave as a gravy for the chunky greens. You may discover I take advantage of each contemporary and canned tomatoes within the recipe. The contemporary tomatoes are needed for the bigger chunks of tomato which are coated within the gravy together with the onion. I take advantage of pureed canned tomatoes for the gravy, as canned ensures an excellent tomato taste at any time of 12 months—they’re at all times harvested and canned on the peak of ripeness, which means they’re typically the best choice when out of tomato season. However when you occur to be making this curry when tomato are in season, then you’ll be able to undoubtedly use an equal quantity of contemporary pureed tomatoes for this step as effectively; you’ll want about 5 of them when you do.

Severe Eats / Kanika and Jatin Sharma

Do this curry as-is or add different greens to it as effectively; cooked cauliflower florets or boiled potatoes could be dreamy with this. Serve this tomato curry with flaky lachha parathas or every other flatbread, or with rice in nearly any type. Plain steamed rice works tremendous however tomato curry additionally makes a terrific mixture with onion pulao or Indian fried rice.

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